Joseph A. Livergood, D.C.

In over 11 years of practice, I have never learned as much from a seminar series as this one! Drs. Marty and Nancy are the pediatric experts in our profession. Just to sit with them for a few weekends is a real honor. This series is loaded with technique and science as well as the art of what we do and it will leave you wanting more, needing more! I plan to continue to study with them every chance I can.

Brendan Riordan, D.C.

The pediatric certification program is a gold mine of quality information. The depth of the pediatric exam is such that, when done, there will be no doubt in your mind what needs to be done and why. Clinical certainty is such an important part of practice, and the information gained throughout the program has significantly uplevel my clinical certainty. In addition to an in-depth overall exam and analysis procedure that's taught, there are also several condition specific indicators that have also been impactful and helpful in practice. Daily in practice I'm able to apply the information gained through the certification to not only better serve my community, but also to feel good at the end of the day that we were able to offer our patients the finest of what's possible in chiropractic. Thank you Drs. Rosen and I look forward to continuing on this journey!

Thank you, truly, for offering the program. It has made a big difference.

John Caruso, D.C.

If you see kids, (or don't see kids yet), been in pediatrics for 3 months or 30 years, taking Dr Martin Rosen's in-person seminars or seminar series is a no-brainer. The technical proficiency, clinical excellence and conviction to check, adjust and recheck kiddos is unlike anything we have in the profession today. If you're on the fence, just jump in. The future of our children depends on it.

Amanda Halstead-Riordan, D.C.

Dr. Rosen's classes are gems! I have had the pleasure of taking a handful of his courses throughout the years but the pediatric certification really helped to pull all the material together. Each seminar gave me more confidence in my skills as a pediatric chiropractor. There is always more to learn but I now feel confident in thoroughly assessing and correcting the pediatric cranium. The knowledge Dr Rosen shares, from the analysis and adjustments to talking points for patient education, truly is invaluable. Investing your time in this series will not be something you regret! I'm so happy to be serving my patients at a higher level and am so grateful for Dr. Rosen's ability to share his work!

Dr. Rachel Hamel

Dr. Marty and Nancy are truly a gift to our profession. The incredible amount of research and experience that you will learn in these seminars will equip you with confidence and resources to be able to treat the pediatric patient efficiently.

I've taken different courses from Marty, and each time you gain new information. This course has been pivotal in getting amazing results in my pediatric population in my practice. They are the real deal!

Thank you Dr. Rosen's for your continued contributions in our profession.

Dr. Brandi Benson DC, CACCP

This was truly one of my favorite courses thus far in practice.

I can't recommend Dr. Rosen's Certified SOT Pediatric Practitioner course enough! I work exclusively with pediatric chiropractic patients and this series has absolutely helped me become more specific and confident - even after almost a decade in practice seeing infants and children. Understanding SOT Cranial adjusting has helped me elevate my examination and adjusting skills, especially with infants and the immense growth and change that takes place in the first few years of life. Drs. Marty and Nancy are an engaging and passionate team that make hands-on learning relatable and easy to implement. Their knowledge is invaluable.

If you care for infants and children, this seminar series is hands down the best for hands-on training. You will have the tools to bring your practice to the next level so that you can change lives and change the future.

Katherine A. Kadin, DC, DACCP, IFMCP

What was a game-changer for you?

I've always felt confident in my ability to help my patients. Although, I couldn't help but feel that there were limitations beyond my grasp for best serving each child that visited my practice.

It wasn't until this past year that I finally could wrap my head (no pun intended) around what was missing: the cranium. Seriously, 80% of chiropractors won't even see pediatric patients. At a time when the brain and the immune system are crucial in development!

An an even smaller number are Certified in THIS sacro occipital cranial technique.

I can't even begin to express my gratitude and excitement to have learned from one of my original instructors 22 years ago.

Why such a game-changer? As much as we do to be low tox, there's no chemical solution to a structural problem and I've finally connected the dots between the two.

Who's coming along to find out what's beyond the information overload and get the real root cause?

Landrus Lewis, DC

Dr. Rosen's seminar was definitely one of the best ones I've been to to date. The amount of clarity you get and certainty you get in adjusting and assessing pediatrics is mind blowing. I have grown so much in my knowledge and ability to take awesome care of kiddos in such a short time that I will definitely be taking more classes with him soon. Keep learning and keep growing. And if you want to learn some amazing techniques and assessments. The pediatric SOT cert is the way to go.

Anthony Pellegrino DC, CACCP

Taking Dr. Rosen's Pediatric SOT series is one of the better decisions I have ever made for my practice. I first met Dr. Rosen while in school when I first took his ICPA seminar. The integration and depth of information were unlike anything I had experienced in any seminar. His certification series took that experience to a new level. I feel more confident and certain than ever before in delivering the highest quality of chiropractic care to children, especially infants, in my practice. That certainty has translated into more commitment for children and entire families in my practice than ever before.

Robert R. LaRusso, D.C

I just completed Dr. Martin Rosen"s Certified SOT Pediatric Practitioner Program. As a seasoned Chiropractor in New York City with forty years of experience Dr. Rosen's Seminars...along with the CSPP are MUST TAKE seminars for everyone who holds a Chiropractic degree! The immaculately organized material along with Marty's enthusiastic presentation gives you the necessary tools to accurately and effectively treat your patients like never before...as young as a new born up to your elderly patients. As you learn the "indicators" as Marty presents them and then a protocol to address the problems you will surprise yourself as to the results you thought of achieving but haven't. Marty's work WILL enhance your practice as a practitioner and especially you as a person. The presence of Marty's wife Dr. Nancy Watson also adds an expertise and presence that enhances Marty's presentation of the material. Her extensive knowledge and up beat nature are also keys to the seminar's experience as a whole! I am grateful to them both! If you are "on the fence" about taking Dr. Rosen's seminars, then make the time and the investment...you will be extremely happy that you did!

Jennifer Katzer, D.C.

As a chiropractor who loves specializing in pregnancy and pediatrics I knew that this would be a good fit for a continuing education class. What I didn't realize was the amount of information I would take away that would impact my entire practice.

Since taking these classes I have seen craniums balance, sleep and function improve greatly from all of our kids. We had parents who were considering neuro exams with doctors realize that it was no longer necessary after seeing the progress their kids were making and understanding the neurological exams I was performing.

I have also seen huge improvements in our adult population with sinuses, decreasing of blood pressure, patients who haven't slept through the night for years now sleeping through the night.

Marty & Nancy are an amazing team and create an ideal environment for learning. Every weekend I walked away with pertinent knowledge to integrate into specific chiropractic patient care that continuously improves outcomes.

If you're on the fence about committing to the seminar...commit! Our patients have been so amazed with my take aways and keep bringing in more family members for care.

I made the trip from Iowa 3 times and can’t wait to come back for more classes.

Dr. Ken Cooper

I can't begin to speak highly enough about the Certification Series! I had originally taken Dr. Rosen's class through the ICPA courses and that class is just a drop in the bucket in comparison to what is taught in the Certification series. The ICPA class was an introduction to Dr. Rosen's work, but even his stand alone 16-hour Pediatrics class is at least twice as much information as the ICPA class was.

The Certification Series blows both out of the water. It is where you truly begin to work in the world that Dr. Rosen has created in the evaluation and care of Pediatric Patients!

I have been out to Boston to attend Dr. Rosen's seminars multiple times, repeating classes and each time I learned something new, understood a bit better, and reviewed a portion that I had missed the previous times. I intend to continue to repeat courses over and over again to strengthen my understanding of the material even more! They are that good!

Having Dr. Nancy Watson and Dr. Erin Rosen assisting in the teaching is a God-send as well! This ensures that you are getting tons of hands-on guided closely by Master Doctors that live these techniques every day! Not one of my questions has ever went unanswered!

I promise you, taking the Certification course is worth every penny and more. But I do caution you: hold onto your hats and come ready to dive deep! Dr. Rosen never leaves you hoping for more information! You will tap out before he does!

Gerry D Mitchell, D.C.

When deciding on attending this series or not, I was unsure of what to expect. Would it align with prior cranial teachings? Is it worth the travel and expense? I have to say I have no regrets. The program was well thought out, well organized, with an abundance of knowledge to absorb. Everyone was so inviting and personable I felt like part of a family. I highly recommend Dr Rosen's teachings to anyone that wants to see peds.

Amy Donovan, D.C.

Fantastic series of seminars! Drs. Martin Rosen, Erin Rosen and Nancy Watson are a wealth of knowledge, bringing years of experience to these classes. They teach you practical applications of pediatric adjusting techniques that you can go back to the office and use that week. The structure of these classes is taught in a way that you learn everything hands on and you can feel that they really care if you are "getting it". If you are looking to expand your knowledge of pediatrics/pediatric adjusting, I would definitely recommend taking this whole series.

Lisa Geiger, D.C.

The SOT Pediatric Certificate Series by the Drs. Rosen was amazing. I find myself using the information and techniques I learned every day at my clinic, to the benefit of my patients, their families, and my reputation.

I found the information accessible, well laid-out and really fascinating. The passion these doctors have for this topic blends well with their depth of knowledge. I appreciated having the notes in advance and how they put the information together in different ways for review at the end.

I would recommend this class to anyone who works with children. If you were lucky enough to take Dr. Martin Rosen's class through the ICPA over the last fifteen years, this builds on that foundation and takes it to the next level. Taking the series over three weekends really allowed the information to simmer and take root before we built on the next layer each time. I am grateful to Dr. Martin and Dr. Erin for this series and for their professional expertise.

Laurie Mullen, D.C.

Dr. Martin Rosen delivered the pediatric certification series in a clear, organized, and masterful presentation which raised my practice to a new level, giving me more ways to help my pediatric patients. Dr. Erin Rosen clarified, answered questions, and demonstrated with her own impressive expertise. Additionally, I even took home gems that I can apply to my adult patients.

Lilian Aliberti, D.C.

I met Dr. Martin Rosen in 2017 in a seminar in Wisconsin. I learned a lot and it made me want to learn a lot more. In 2018, I took another seminar in London and my willingness to learn increased even more. When I saw the first certification started, I was sure that I'd do it completely, and, no doubts, it was the best decision I have ever made. The series is terrific. Dr. Martin Rosen is a great teacher and the Rosen family makes the practice extremely pleasant and easy to understand. I'm already using all I've learned in my training. I look forward to taking more and more seminars of this amazing family. Dr. Rosen's books and DVDs help me a lot and I'm confident to say that the learning with him changed my life.

Lee Rumley, D.C.

Having taken the introductory course to Cranial Sacral work with Drs. Marty Rosen, Erin Rosen & Nancy Watson I was inspired to take the full certification series. Each weekend I was able to delve deeper into my understanding of Cranial palpation and adjusting, honing the skills necessary to bring back to my patients. In the introductory course I was overwhelmed with the vast amount of content while at the same time inspired with a new sense of purpose. Each seminar, I would get a little more comfortable with my ability to feel the slight movements available in the cranial sutures all while getting a better understanding of the vital role it all plays in our patients overall health and well being. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that is thinking about adding this work to their practice. I love the family dynamic the three of these amazing practitioners brings to the seminar and I am honored to have learned from their experience. They are my people.

Jillian London

Amazing series of seminars! As a new graduate Drs. Martin Rosen, Erin Rosen and Nancy Watson are a wealth of knowledge and an incredible resource! This series builds on what I had learned in Dr Rosen’s ICPA class but compared to this series that is a drop in the bucket. This series brought a new level of confidence and competence to how I approach pediatric patients. I use the skills and knowledge from this series on a daily basis! Considering the years of experience behind these classes the information is accessible and integrated wonderfully with hands on learning. It is fanatic to leave a seminar where you can implement what you learned on Monday and the instructors truly cared if you understood the material. I can’t recommend this series highly enough!

Zach Kern, D.C.

This is an excellent seminar series. The pediatric evaluation and the cranial work that is laid out in this certification series should be considered the gold standard. Each seminar in the series builds off what was learned in the previous one. Having now completed the series, I am confident in my skills and proficiency in pediatric care and pediatric cranial work. Drs. Marty, Nancy, and Erin are great teachers and truly just want the material covered in the certification series to be carried on to the population through all of the doctors who have gone through the courses.

Courtney Neill, D.C., CACCP

If you have the desire to work with pediatrics in your chiropractic practice, taking this series is an absolute must! Dr. Rosen is an excellent teacher, in both lecturing and delivering an amazing hands-on educational experience. The series content is broken up in just the right amount of information so that you can absorb, practice, and implement what you learned very easily that next day in your office. Since having taken this course, my pediatric practice has boomed with referrals due to the success stories I have achieved from utilizing the techniques taught. I can't recommend this series enough - you will not be disappointed!

Jeanette Honig, D.C.

Dr. Rosen is an amazing Pediatric Chiropractic instructor and teacher. I have taken most all of his seminars. I am now a Certified Pediatric SOT Chiropractor. He is extremely knowledgeable and I highly recommend his classes.

SOT Pediatric Practitioner Testimonials